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Contact us if you have technical issues with Edgenuity that your teacher cannot solve:


Can I work ahead?

Yes, we expect you to stay caught up in the course you are taking, and we encourage you to work ahead as much as possible. If you finish your course before the end of the semester, we will work out the details for your final exam, whether you can register for another class, or whether can conclude your time in the lab.

What if I get behind and can’t complete my class when I’m supposed to?

All coursework MUST be completed by the end of the semester; there are no extensions, no exceptions.

Edgenuity requires that you complete each lesson before moving forward, so you cannot wait until the last week of the semester to get caught up.

What about my grade?

You can view your grade on StudentVUE or ParentVUE. Your grade is updated every week on Monday morning through StudentVUE or ParentVUE.

When you log in, you will see the snapshot of your grade for the week prior, which may or may not match the grade your see in Edgenuity. Your teachers may post on a Friday afternoon and you may have done work over the weekend, but the grade should be close. Please know that eCADEMY instructors will contact parents if a student’s grade falls below 70%.

Why was I marked absent? I received a call that doesn't make sense.

All eCADEMY instructors will mark a student absent once a month when students fall behind, even if you are working and/or attending. It’s a way to alert students and parents when students fall behind, not absences.

Why can’t I move on in my class?

First, verify the following:

  • You've watched each video all the way through
  • You've completed each part of the lesson
  • You've passed each quiz, assignment, and test with a 70% or above
  • If you're trying to take a unit test, you've contacted your teacher to open it

If you still can't move on, contact your teacher. Let them know that you have run into a problem or that you need a test to be opened. Be specific when you contact your instructor: include your name, ID, the class you’re talking about, and what needs to happen.

Don’t delay contacting them when you run into a problem or need something so that you don’t fall behind.

When can I take the final?

You may take the final when you have finished all of your coursework and/or when final exam day arrives at the end of the semester. When you reach the end of your course, contact your teacher to make arrangements to take your final in the lab.

You MUST take your final in person; you cannot take it from home. 

My instructor hasn’t responded to me. What should I do?

Keep in mind that your instructors aren’t online 24/7. Prepare to wait one school day for a response. You can also contact the main eCADEMY office at 505-247-4209 or

What browser should I use for Edgenuity?

Edgenuity works best in Chrome or Firefox. Make sure your computer meets the technical requirements.

Are eCADEMY classes NCAA certified?

Yes. As of Summer 2017, eCADEMY is now NCAA accredited. Credits earned from 2016-2017 onward will be counted toward the student's NCAA academic-eligibility requirement.

What grade should I pay attention to?

  • Actual Grade is your grade in the course, which reflects your work and includes zeroes if you are behind in the class
  • Overall Grade is the average of your grades on submitted assignments but is not a true reflection of your grade for a report card.
  • Relative Grade will be the grade you will see on your report card at the end of the semester and includes everything in the course, including incomplete assignments.