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Progress Report Guide

You can access the Progress Report in two ways:

  • Via the Family Portal
  • Via email, however frequently you'd like

Go to Family Portal Account Creation to set up access.


Course Completed

This refers to how much of the class the student has completed based on the number of assignments completed.

Target Completion

This is how much of the class the student needs to have completed.

  • Your student is behind in the course if Target Completion is greater than Course Completed.
  • Your student is ahead in the course if Target Completion is less than Course Completed.

The colored squares

This is a visual indicator of how well your student is keeping up in the class. Each color has a different meaning.

  • Red: Behind
  • Blue: On-target
  • Green: Ahead — great job!

Complete Count

This is how much the student has completed the course based on the number of completed assignments versus the total of assignments in the course. It's okay if the number is slightly different than Course Completed.


Relative Grade

This will be the grade you will see on your report card at the end of the semester and includes everything in the course, including incomplete assignments. It is a calculation of your grade if you stopped working and received a 0% for all unfinished activities.

Actual Grade

This is your grade in the course, which reflects your work and includes zeroes if you are behind in the class. It is based on the perfect of work that has been completed versus the work that should have been completed.

Overall Grade

This is the average of your grades on submitted assignments but is not a true reflection of your grade for a report card.